Top 7 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds #AMAZING!!!

It’s a challenge to resist a cute miniature cat, however, have you ever had a cuddle from a large fluffy cat with a stand just like paws? Here’s a listing of our best 7 giant national large cat breeds. Alright, they are not actually giant, but they’re larger than your typical domestic cat, and also have bigger than lifestyles to match their dimensions.


However, this is not the sole reason that they made it – of attaining weights that are healthy in excess of 13 pounds, a few people are reported! With Savannahs, it is dependent upon how closely they’re associated with their Serval ancestors that are crazy.

Maine Coons

are believed by many to be the biggest of the authentic domestic breeds (that they aren’t wildcat hybrids) due to the long bodies and relatively heavy weight. Maine Coons can be more than a meter in length from the nose and may weigh over 11kg though ~8kg is more common.

The Norwegian Forest Cat

appears like some Maine Coon in several ways but also very distinct. Are their dimensions with Norwegian Forest Cats weighing up to 10kg

Ragdoll cats

may weigh and are large quite fluffy. Ragdolls are famous for their affectionate and docile character which coupled with their dimensions and fluffiness makes them an ideal cuddle partner.

Highlander cats

are but it’s already set to become among the breeds. These cats may weigh up to 11kg and arrive using their most characteristic in varieties being their curled ears.

The tiniest on our record but close to home is that the British Shorthair.

The Chausie

is another cat with roots that has a body with legs. The Chausie’s wildcat ancestor is your Jungle kitty but Chausies purchased and sold now are generations separated so possess the character of a domestic cat with a slightly wild appearance to them. They could weigh in excess of 11kg that is the reason they’ve made it.

Cats are available in a variety of sizes and shapes but they’ve earnt themselves a place on this list because of a record cat. Meow was a domestic moggy who holds the world record for the heaviest cat -. It has to be mentioned that Meow was a morbidly obese cat along with the record to get a cat that was heaviest is recorded to stop owners overfeeding their cats.

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