Severe Macaw : Birds of South America


Severe Macaw, Chestnut Fronted Macaw.

Scientific Name: 

Ara severa severa.

Among the favorite mini-macaw species, the most Severe Macaw reaches an average of approximately 18 inches in length from the beak to the tip of their tail feathers.


A well cared for pet Severe Macaw could be expected to endure for as many as 30 decades, a few living even more.

Favorable and funny, the Severe Macaw’s big character makes it a favorite with bird fans. With adequate burial, Severe Macaws bond fast with their owners, reacting well to instruction and boasting impressive speech skills. Since these birds require a good deal of mental stimulation, prospective owners should ensure that they have lots of free time to spend with their new pet.


Severe Macaws are largely a shimmery green with dark, chestnut patches on their foreheads and beneath their beaks. The crown of the head boasts a patch of iridescent blue feathers, and they keep distinctive reddish patches on the edges of the wings. The tail feathers are blue with reddish undersides, and they exhibit the traditional bare macaw facial patch together with nice, dark feather traces scattering the eyes.


As with any other pet bird, Severe Macaws should have sufficient nutrition to flourish. Feed your Severe Macaw a varied diet consisting of a high-quality seed/pellet mixture and daily supplies of refreshing bird-safe fruits and veggies to guarantee meeting dietary needs.


Severe Macaws may be Mini Macaws — however, they continue to be assembled for muscle strength. From the wild, a Severe Macaw could fly a few hundred miles per day searching for food. Due to this, it is important to offer sufficient exercise to your pet to keep a wholesome body condition. Pet Severe Macaws must be permitted a minimum of 2-4 hours playtime out of the cage every day.

This will permit the bird to stretch its muscles and exercise its own wings and beak.

Severe Macaws as Celebrities:

Eye-catching and charmingly easy-going, Severe Macaws have burst in popularity as pets in the past several decades. The biggest of this Mini Macaws, these critters pack a whole lot of character to a bigger, easier to look after bundle.

While Severe Macaws are proven to be somewhat social, all historians need a specific quantity of training to guarantee that the bird stays tame. If you would like to embrace a Severe Macaw, the very first thing you should do is be certain that you have sufficient time to spend with your pet every day. Without socialization and sufficient psychological stimulation, Severe Macaws can develop tired and miserable, resulting in destructive behaviors and stress-related disease.

Severe Macaws may be enjoyable pets, however, they need time and technical care that not everybody is able to offer. Be certain that you’re ready prior to bring in a Severe Macaw or some other parrot in your house. Consider the costs of possessing this type of pet items like veterinary accounts, the expenses of high-quality feed, as well as the costs of toys and backpacks accumulate. If you can not give your bird the very best of everything, think about holding off on embracing one until you are able to!

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