Eclectus Vosmaeri Parrot Information – Food & Care

Originating from the Solomon Islands, this bird (Eclectus parrot) is prized because of its magnificent look and excellent pet quality. Somewhat more difficult to discover that a number of the other characteristics of the dimension, the Solomon is readily recognizable as soon as you do find a person — you can not overlook an Eclectus! Their feathers don’t have a different outline such as the feathers of other birds; Eclectus parrots look as though they’re coated with a nice fur, and combined with their day-glow colors, the result is astounding.

Eclectus are dimorphic, meaning that you will find visual distinctions between the genders. In reality, due to these differences, these birds weren’t bred successfully for several years since breeders were placing men with men and cows with hens! It was not until a few years ago that somebody realized that the green birds were the man and the red birds were feminine.

Care & Feeding
Eclectus parrots are extremely busy and require a massive cage and a good deal of out-of-cage time to socialize with you. Make sure you get the largest cage that your home and budget could manage — these critters can get restless and miserable when restricted. Playful by character, an Eclectus parrot will require an abundance of toys made to be chewed and destroyed, like the ones manufactured from softwood. Make confident that your Eclectus will get lots of attention and action. Eclectus will keep themselves occupied but want one to offer you the exciting objects to provide them “tasks” to perform.

Eclectus parrots have a more digestive tract compared to other bird species, and a few aviculturists think that for this, they particularly desire a low-carb, high-income diet that’s not too fortified with minerals and vitamins. This might help prevent fatty tumors from growing, and to reduce vitamin and nutrient toxicities. Eclectus parrots normally gain from more vegetables and fruit (especially those high in vitamin A) in their daily diet, in addition to pelleted food. Many Eclectus fans recommend feeding pellets which are free of artificial colors/dyes. Lafeber foods offer you many different nutritious daily meals, such as Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes, and Premium Daily Diet.

Behavior & Personality
Eclectus parrots are smart, gentle birds which become welcome members of their household because of their calm character. They are fairly good with kids, even though they won’t tolerate frantic action or continuous disturbing sound. It’ll be very important to teach kids how to act around the bird, instead of the other way round.

Female Eclectus parrots — even those maintained as single pets — possess powerful nesting instincts and may have a tendency to find nest sites in painted and dark areas around the house, like in cabinets and under furniture. Females are often very territorial, particularly during mating season. If you maintain a male and female group, the female will probably be that the bossier of both.

Speech & Sounds
Eclectus parrots generally aren’t susceptible to excessive noisiness. They can be very outspoken and are effective at creating a comprehensive vocabulary.

Health & Common Requirements
Eclectus have been proven to display episodes of toe-tapping and wing-flipping-type muscle spasms, which is regarded as linked to vitamin and nutrient imbalances. Speak with your avian vet about the varieties of foods to nourish your Eclectus parrot, in addition to which foods to avoid.

If yours starts to pick in its feathers, then take your bird to your own veterinarian for a complete medical workup.

Eclectus are more inclined to be located in avian specialty stores, in addition to from bird breeders. Be careful that you aren’t purchasing a hybrid Eclectus; a few unscrupulous breeders breed various sub-species of Eclectus with each other, leading to a “mutt” Eclectus. This may not in any manner influence the pet caliber of your bird, but if you ever wish to put in your bird at a breeding program, its own mixed-genes could possibly invade the species. Though this might look benign, it’s necessary that the gene pool of those birds stay pure, because someday the sole Eclectus on the planet could possibly be in captivity, and predator anglers will be accountable for the continuation of these species.

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